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DVB World USB 2.0

Posted on: Oktober 16, 2008

DVB World USB 2.0 adalah perangkat Penerima siaran Satelit Digital. Anda dapat menonton siaran Satelit dengan kualitas siaran Digital melalui PC atau Note Book anda. Selain itu anda dapat melakukan aktifitas internet dan down load kecepatan tinggi dengan delay yang relatif kecil. Dapat digunakan untuk offline / GRABLING atau internet 1 arah.

1 Paket DVB World USB 2.0
Garansi Toko 1 Minggu

Key Features :
High Quality Digital Satellite TV & Radio receiving (DVB-S)
DVB World Box supports : Free To Air and Scrambler
Channel using Card Sharing.
High speed Internet via satellite
You need to apply an Internet ISP account first
DVB data service
IP PID scanning and IP data broadcasting in LAN and IP
MPEG4 media playing and IP MPEG4 media recording
MPEG2 Video broadcasting in LAN
Instant recording
Record digitally as MPEG-II format.
1 hour digital TV program is about 1.7 GB
Schedule recording.
You can set your own recording list and playback whenever you like Time-shifting
You can pause live TV shows and never miss any marvelous moment !!!
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
EPG tables offer the most updated channel information
Teletext : Teletext page is only available in certain areas
Still frame capture
Multi channel preview matrix

Specifications :
Support : DiSEqC1.2 & USALS
Transponder & Satellite auto scan
Viewing & schedule recording different channels simultaneously
16:9 Wide Screen
Multi-language output
Hot Keys
Favorite list
Video quality adjustment
MPEG-II software decoding
Software upgradeable
Support remote control
Support HDTV

System Requirements :
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, VISTA, MAX and LINUX
Desktop or Notebook
500MHz CPU or above
128M RAM or above
VGA Card with at the least 8MB Memory
Sound Card
Only Supports USB2.0 interface
Microsoft Direct X 8.1 or above
Digital Satellite Dish & LNBF

Retail package :
DVB World Box USB 2.0
Power Adapter
USB 2.0 Cable
Infrared remote control
Quick installation guide
Driver CD (Multi-lingual Software and User’s Manual)
CD Utility for Grabling and Card Sharing

sumber: http://www.baranglangka.com/v2/146-d.html


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